ZODIAC Fruity Tofu Cat Litter - Grapefruit 7L/2.5Kg

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ZODIAC Fruity Tofu Cat Litter Grapefruit 7L

Made with 100% natural, safe, and organic soy pulp it can absorb water and liquids effectively while giving out a fresh and desirable fruity scent.

Make every clean up session fast and convenient as it clumps dirt firmly for easy scooping.


  • Chemical free, and made from biodegradable residues of food grade bean curd.
  • Soft on Paws and free from any dust.
  • With natural scent and fights nasty pet odours.
  • Septic friendly and flushable in small quantities.

Instruction to Use:

  • Place a 5 to 8 cm thick of Zodiac Cat Litter inside the litter tray.
  • Once soiled, simply scoop out and clean the clumping cat litter and cat waste on a daily basis.
  • Regularly check the litter level and refill to ensure good performance of the litter.
  • Replace used cat litter with a fresh one on a weekly basis
  • Refrain from putting cat litter tray on a wet environment.

Weight: 2.5kg/ 7L


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ZODIAC Fruity Tofu Cat Litter - Grapefruit 7L/2.5Kg
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