MissPet Wood Slicker Brush

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Morandi Blue
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GROOM LIKE A PROFESSIONAL - A high quality brush for those who demand quality and perfection.
QUALITY MATERIALS - Made of lightweight, durable Birch wood body, super soft relaxed cushion and high quality stainless steel pins

The MissPet Slicker Brush assists to eliminate tangles and remove loose undercoat efficiently.

Regular use can reduce shedding, prevent mats from forming and will result in your pet's coat being shiny and healthy. 


Size Chart Round (suitable for long hair dog/cat and poodle type) Rectangle (ball tip pins, suitable for short hair dog/cat)
Small Head 7*4cm, handle 7.5cm  Head 6.5*5cm, handle 11cm
Medium Head 9.5*6cm, handle 10cm -
Large Head 11*6.5cm, handle 9.5cm

Head 12*6cm, handle 10.5cm


Available in 3 colours.

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